Post M&A Deal HR Support Services which encompass:

  • Ongoing monitoring of culture, engagement and morale including recommendations on any potential improvements
  • Development of a medium to long term internal communications strategy in line with commercial goals
  • Delivery of team building and integration activities
  • Facilitation of employee feedback sessions
  • Remedial interventions to mitigate any complexities arising from the transition, including employee relations issues
  • Recruitment and succession planning

We specialise in managing the HR aspects of mergers, acquisitions & divestments.

Our goal is to ensure you maintain engagement with your employees during these major cultural and structural changes, leading to smooth and positive employee experiences whilst ensuring business sustainability and resilience in the longer term.  

  M&A HR Preparation Services which encompass:

  • A business readiness check. This will usually involve due diligence on policies, HR contracts and procedures, to ensure that everything is in place to present to the dealmakers
  • Diagnostics and recommendations on potential flashpoints that may impact your proposition, both in terms of processes and the business management culture
  • Diagnostics and recommendations on any issues or highlights in terms of staffing levels, employee relations and morale, ensuring confidentiality and discretion at all times
  • Recommendations on people related costs, including awareness of the potential impact an M&A could have on roles in your business
  • Developing your awareness of the employment law implications of a deal, in anticipation of the legal due diligence process

M&A Deal HR Support Services which encompass:

  • Cultural assessment of both organisations, identifying common themes and areas that diverge, working with you on a strategy for integration
  • An external perspective on employee morale through interviews, surveys and open door ‘surgeries’ for staff and managers
  • Development of an internal communications strategy and timescale for the transition, aligning to any external PR, publicity or brand changes
  • Recommendations on terms & conditions and timescales for integration where appropriate
  • Working with your employment lawyers to ensuring compliance whilst avoiding unnecessary legal complexity and balancing risk
  • Managing any employee relations issues during the transition (e.g. redundancies, disciplinaries)
  • Advice on integration of HR processes and systems

M&A Services

Our Fees

We offer a competitive fee structure and the rates we charge reflect both the duration and complexity of the work we're doing for you. We also offer special rates for charities. Please get in touch for more information.

We're Manchester based, but will travel anywhere. If you are not within commutable distance, we will work with you to minimise any travel and expenses incurred - our aim is to save you costs in the long term, not to be a drain on your profits!